New Book

It is with great pleasure that I announce the arrival of my new book.

My book is told in a story form as Sam teaches Josh all about dogs in order to over come his fears.

Throughout my years of training I found that whilst there are many training books and videos for adults, there was nothing out there for children. Worried by all the news reports of children being attacked by dogs, I decided to write this book as it is my firm belief that children should be taught how to behave around dogs in order to have a happy, safe relationship together.

So far 'What's my dog saying' has not only been given great reviews by members of the public, but also Dr Ian Dunbar and Brenda Aloff, both of whom are highly regarded in the dog world, have also given it wonderful reviews on facebook and amazon.

I hope one day that all children will have a copy of my book, simply to keep the number of attacks down and both children and dogs safe.