One-2-One sessions

The sessions are for suitable for a variety of issues such as:

Jumping up
Pulling on the lead
Basic obedience
House training


Behaviour modification training

In depth training for behavioural problems such as:

Dog to dog aggression
Dog to human aggression
Separation Anxiety
Chasing car/joggers

One to one sessions are carried out in the owners homes and usually last 1-1.5 hours.

Behavioural Adjustment Training involves me coming to your home to meet you, your family and your dog(s) and carrying out a written assessment. This enables me to see the dog's behaviour in it's own environment. I may also need to follow this by observing you on a walk with your dog. I will ask you for a full history, including early experiences, lifestyle and I will look at their physical health, diet, social skills and mental state. We will then discuss the behaviour you are seeking help for, when and where the problem originated, what you have tried, advice you have been given and what helps and what makes the problem worse.

From this I will devise an individualised training plan. In many cases this involves taking your dog back to basics within the home, working on basic commands and, more importantly, trust building exercises. I will also explain to owners how dogs learn and canine communication so you have a clear understanding and how and why training is successful as well as why your dog is behaving the way they are.

The training plan devised will be explained thoroughly and I work closely with the dog and owner to ensure that the owner feels confident to implement the training techniques themselves, and that target goals are reached and maintained.

A behaviour modification training programme needs 100% dedication from the owners in order to succeed. How many subsequent sessions needed will depend upon the nature of the behavioural problems, the owners, and most importantly the dogs emotional wellbeing and learning ability.

The first visit lasts around 1.5-2 hours and clients are given a welcome pack with treats and relevant handouts and are given a full written assessment will be emailed after the first session.