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Welcome To Trainer McPhee!

Please not that my schedule is very busy at present, so there may be a longer than usual waiting list before I can arrange a consultation

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Trainer McPhee

Whatever the problems your experiencing, I can help...

Perhaps you have a troubled adolescent or an un-potty trained pup?
Or maybe your dog barks and lunges at other dogs?

I have experience and expertise in working with a broad range of issues, including aggression, fear, and anxiety as well as general manners. I also work with puppies for socialisation, mouthing, jumping up, house training and any other 'teething problems'.

I offer reward based training and pride my self on building good relationships with both the owners and the dog. I believe dogs will perform at there best when they have trust in their handler and there is mutual respect. My training takes into account your pet's history - including early experiences - and their physical and mental state. I believe in giving dogs the freedom of choice, this allows them to make good decisions. This not only builds trust, but it keeps the dogs calmer and happier which means the learn better better.

Working closely with both you and your dog, gives you the skills and confidence you need to implement the training techniques yourself, and ensuring a complete and long-term resolution.


New or existing problems managed with training or behaviour adjustment training


From 8-16 weeks.


There are various training price plans available.