I am now holding a 6 week puppy class at Posh Petz in peterborough. These classes are for puppys aged 10-18 weeks. My course is designed to give your puppy the best start in life and build a great relationship between you and your new family member. We will not only cover house training, basic manners and obedience but my classes cover all aspects of socialisation. This includes socialisation with people, children and of course other dogs. Whilst your dog is in their critical development stage, it is vital that they become sociable with people and develop good bite inhibition and this is what my course does. Classes are on and off lead and hands on-there is no sitting around and waiting for 'your turn'.

This course starts the end of June at 6pm. Places are limitied. Please call or email me for more info. Alternatively fill in the booking form below.

The first session is held without dogs in order to give owners some basic knowledge into canine communication and behaviour.

This course costs £65 and please make sure your able to attend for the full 6 weeks.

If you have a new puppy in the family, please take the time to read the below file. Its Called 'After you get your puppy' and was written by Dr Ian Dunbar.

My File

Crash course in all things puppy

For extra puppy training I offer a one-off 2 hour session in the home.
This covers all aspects of puppyhood and how to no only settle them into their new home but as a foundation to the dog becoming a well mannered-well rounded adult.

This session is for puppies aged 8-16 weeks only and includes:

Mouthing/ Biting
House training
Chew toy training
General obedience training
Home alone training
Clicker training
Jumping up

......and another other teething problems owners may be experiencing.

This session is £50 and is designed for puppies 8-16 weeks

Bomb Proof My Puppy

As well as offering the above courses, I also offer a 'Bomb proof my puppy course' and is designed specifically for puppies ages 8 weeks-12 weeks.

This three week course includes:

Short presentations in order to teach new owners the basics in canine communication i.e how to spot stress, what are calming signals and the critical learning period

Socialisation. This is where my older dogs are invited to come and play with the puppies in order for them to learn some healthy canine communication from the big boys and girls.

We will also be taking trips out into the world (carrying puppies) in order to meet and greet all sorts of people out outside stimuli in a safe and positive manner.

As well as various other fun and games....

Please note, all of the above is not only controlled and safe but HIGHLY important in a puppies development. Lack of socialisation and training during a pup's development is one of the main reasons for behavioural issues such as aggression later on. They need to be exposed to a huge variety of sights, sounds, people and other animals in order to develop into well-rounded adults. My puppy course takes this into account and is to not only kick start the dogs socialisation, it also gives owners the knowledge and confidence to carry this on within the home.
All training is reward based and each puppy is looked at as an individual and taken at their own pace.

My dogs are fully vaccinated and insured. My puppy party area is clean and safe for young puppies that haven't had their vaccinations yet.

Children and families are all welcome to attend.

A FREE CD of Dr Ian Dunbar's ebook 'After you get your puppy' will also be given and a socialisation tick chart to use and keep.